Monday, February 7, 2011

New champion sneak peak

So, after me just buying Karma, and having a blast with her, they're already pushing info out about a new champion. Supposedly something that the League of Legends has never seen or encountered before.  A tree.
I forsee a lot of "rooting" spells.
"Sometimes, when you look at the League of Legends champion lineup, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen it all. You’ve seen light mages, thorn mages, mad scientists, illusionists, ninjas, and warriors with gigantic swords. But there’s something that this next champion has that none of them do: roots. That’s right, while you may have been engaged in epic, pitched battles with trolls, gargoyles, ogres, scarecrows, minotaurs, mummies, and mutant armadillos, I bet you’ve never had to fight a tree before! Introducing Maokai, the Twisted Treant; a groundbreaking new champion in the League of Legends whose bark may or may not be worse than his bite. You decide." - LoL site.

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